Executive Summary

Chris Zrowka, Regional Manager


Chris Zrowka, 
Operation Director

Chris Zrowka is the Director of Operations for Improsynergies with 17 sites in his portfolio.  Chris has over 16 years of leading teams successfully, including his leadership positions while an active member of the US Military.  A member of the Improsynergies team since 2009, Chris has accelerated his career working through all positions, from a Maintenance Supervisor, Property Manager,  Regional Property Manager and now the Director of Operations.

Chris has been successful in managing his property budgets through extensive training and coaching of team members, as well as identifying and correcting property deficiencies, while increasing overall occupancy and revenue. Chris has proven results with LIHTC, Compliance, Section 8, Conventional and Senior communities.  His unique style of leadership has attributed prodigious accomplishments of his team members throughout the portfolio.
Chris has received numerous awards throughout his career for his Leadership as an Intelligence Team Leader, Exemplary Job performance, Integrity, various achievements and accommodations’ while serving with the US Army and working with the State of Florida.


Laura Pinero, Compliance & Office Training Manager

Mrs. Laura Pinero began her career in LIHTC when she was a Realtor® in 2004. She joined our Portfolio as a Property Manager and began overseeing multiple Affordable Community Lease-Up’s, while also training new staff on Orientation Policies, Fair Housing Guidelines, and Practical Leasing Strategies, and became Certified as an Trainer in the Yardi Affordable Module. She now carries her 13 years of extensive knowledge in this field as our Compliance & Operations Training Manager.

Throughout her extensive career, Ms Laura has held the titles of Compliance  and Office Training Manager due to her outstanding abilities in training and regulatory compliance. Her ability to monitor and guide a portfolio of 17 affordable properties and two conventional and over 30 staff members makes her a wonderful addition to the ImproSynergies team. Laura Pinero currently holds the titles of Compliance and operations training manager, Housing Credit Certified Program by NAHB and Specialized in Housing Credit Management by NAHMA.


Maryann Deblasio, Compliance

Mary Ann DeBlasio is a compliance consultant for Improsynergies, in Tampa, Florida.  Since 1986 she has been an on  season tax preparer for H & R Block with an average annual client base of 170 patrons.  She achieved budget and HR training working at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa Florida for 6 years and 12 years banking and stock experience is from financial institutions. The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Certification Program for the State of Georgia, Florida Housing Compliance and Miami Dade County Certificates along with C3P (Certified Credit Compliance Specialist) and 17 years of experience working with the applicable affordable housing programs of LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit),SAIL (State Apartment Incentive Loans), Bond (Tax Exempt and County), Affordable Housing Loans (AHL), Home Investment Partnership (HOME), REAC (Real Estate Assessment Center) and Project Based Section 8 including some preparation/review of SHIP (State Housing Initiative Partnership Program) and file reviews of Project Based Section 8 as both a State monitor and a member of private management have given her the opportunity to be an intense varied seasoned individual.  During the off season of taxes she increases her knowledge teaching and attending tax classes.